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SENSIMED Triggerfish® provides an automated recording of continuous ocular dimensional changes over 24 hours.

This safe and sensitive system is non-invasive and practical. Installation and removal on the patient is simple and is executed by the healthcare professional. It is furthermore outpatient compatible.

How does it work?
The patient wears the SENSIMED Triggerfish® system up to 24 hours and assumes normal activities including sleep periods.

The SENSIMED Triggerfish® Sensor is a soft disposable silicone contact lens embedding a micro-sensor that captures spontaneous circumferential changes at the corneoscleral area. (1)

The adhesive SENSIMED Triggerfish® Antenna, which is placed around the eye, receives wirelessly the information from the contact lens. (2)

The data is transmitted through a thin flexible cable from the Antenna to the portable recorder. (3)

The portable recorder, worn by the patient, stores the acquired data during the monitoring session. At the end of the recording period, the data is transferred via Bluetooth from the recorder to the software previously installed on the practitioner’s computer. (4)

patient full equipment 

With its revolutionary technology, the SENSIMED Triggerfish® is a unique system providing further information on the continuous and natural changes of the eye over 24 hours.

Training requirements

The SENSIMED Triggerfish® system is designed for healthcare professional only. For a proper use of the device the healthcare professional needs to be trained by a Sensimed representative.

Scientific publications about SENSIMED Triggerfish®